• Right to enjoy benefits from the Welfare Fund, Death Benefit Fund and Industrial Action Fund.

  • Eligible to apply for monthly fees exemption if pursuing further education or attending courses for more than 6 months without pay or at half pay.

  • If unemployed or critically ill, monthly membership dues can also be exempted or dues be paid at a discounted or special lower rates with written approval from the Executive Council or the Delegates Conference.

If You Need Legal Aid

As a member, you can apply for legal advice and legal assistance in matters affecting the conditions of your employment. In exceptional cases, the Constitution of the Union also provides for financial assistance in cases of unemployment, victimization or professional disputes.

When You Have A Problem

You can avail yourself to the services provided by the Union in matters relating to rectification of salary anomalies, leave, transfers, disputes with principals or teachers and disciplinary cases. The Union has regular meetings with Education Ministry/Education Department officials to discuss and resolve members' problems. You need not have to be in trouble before you can approach the union, for it also attends to enquiries from members who wish to seek advice.

Promoting Professionalism

The Union organises talks, forums, seminars and workshops dealing with educational and professional issues for the benefit of its members. These activities are aimed at seeking solutions to some of the local educational problems, providing direction to both the grassroots and the leadership on professional matters, and promoting professionalism.