Message from NUTP President

Regards 1 NUTP and 1 Malaysia,

Congratulations to all NUTP members.  You are an asset to us that makes NUTP strong and stable.

Use this website as a forum and catalyst of our love for the teaching profession.

Deliver your ideas and information through our NUTP email as an official platform to help us to uphold our profession together with the Ministry of Education (MOE) so that NUTP becomes a true Union as a defender and advocate for teachers professionally and with integrity..

Well done to all NUTP members.

Sdr. Kamarozaman bin Abd. Razak
National Union of Teaching Profession
Peninsular Malaysia



Message from NUTP Secretary General

KPPK/NUTP wish to thank and congratulate all the members for your undivided support to our organisation which has enabled KPPK/NUTP to continue its progress to a level which is more excellent.

KPPK/NUTP advocates for teachers’ rights, teachers’ salaries and teacher’s service scheme. We also dedicate our whole attention to the professional development of teachers.

KPPK/NUTP will strive with sincerity to help its members. If a member has any problem, do not hesitate to bring up or forward the issue to KPPK/NUTP through our blog, e-mail or website.

Sdr. Harry Tan Huat Hock
Secretary General
National Union of the Teaching Profession
Peninsular Malaysia